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Sweet sweet mercy

It is rare to get a bruise of this depth and color. What you really have to do is take a lot of time off anything that could make you hard and just plump up so your skin gets really soft and baby-like. Then in one evening you just pound it against someone's shin and voila, some of the most unique purples you will ever see.

Also, my foot looks like it's dead.
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Update Day 1:

It spread over the top of my foot. It didn't really show up when I took a picture. Also, a bruise appeared on my calf.

Update 2:The bruise on the top of my foot is starting to come in.

Juan:Can you fit into your shoe? Hurts to walk? Shoulda swept the leg.

Peter:A little swollen on the top of my foot at the base of my toes, but it just means I can't slide shoes on, I have to actually untie them.Walking is no problem, my daughter stepped on my foot playfully and that hurt a bit, but for only a second.
The problem is that most of this damage came from sweeping the leg of a guy with adamantium shins. For anyone out there who wants to learn judo, this is where your foot should impact your opponent when sweeping. Otherwise you might hurt your foot.

Update 3:You can already see the color fading along the top line of the bruise.

But you can also see the color darkening a lot along the top. I figure these will both be most gone by the end of the week.

Update 4:Color is starting to fade:

While across the top things seem to have evened out.

Update 5 :The color is significantly starting to fade.

The top is till swollen, but that too is less than before. Probably not worth adding updates. I just keep doing this so I can make a gif of the whole healing process. I don't think was careful enough with the positioning of my foot, but if it looks good I will replace all this stuff.

Update 6:We've basically gotten to the end of the first week.

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