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Black Cat Judo Trick 3

I think the most dangerous part of these Judo tricks is they are close to being kind of accurate but far enough off that if someone is actually coming after you with a chair you’re probably about to get fucked up with a chair.

First of all, you apparently have to piss off a librarian enough that she grabs a chair and comes at you. I don’t know what you would need to do to make that happen, but apparently Black Cat has you covered. When someone attacks you with a thing (hammer, chair, puppy) there are two places you want to be, out of reach or so close in that the person cannot generate enough power to hurt you with the thing. In this instance Black Cat is teaching you to get in close.

As with all the Judo Tricks Black Cat has shown, I think she’s too far away from her attacker. That chair still looks like it’s coming down on her head which is not good. I am going to forgive this and assume the artist wanted you to be able to see stuff, so he took some artistic license and put them a little farther apart than would actually be a good idea.

Also, a chair isn’t a great choice for a weapon. If someone has a knife a chair would be a pretty solid choice to keep them far enough away from you so you don’t get stabbed, but to attack someone with a chair doesn’t actually make a lot of sense. Certainly not like in this comic. Even strong people would have some trouble actually wielding a chair as they are designed to remain stationary and aren’t balanced very well. Attack someone from behind and a chair makes more sense since you are just clubbing them with something unwieldy.

Anyway, the bit about the elbow is pretty spot on. The elbow is your control point for someone’s arm, push it inward to the chest and people lose a lot of their strength. Remember your brother or some asshole in school sitting on you and holding your elbows across your chest? The theory is pretty sound, our arms aren’t really that powerful when used in lateral motion. Pushing the elbow in is one of the best ways to get someone to let go of their hold of you in a Judo match. What Black Cat wants is to deflect the motion downward off to the side and take away some of her opponents power. This, if done properly, should negate the usage of the chair. Have fun practicing that because it’s not just a block, it’s a duck, block and deflect which is a pretty hard thing to master.

The way Black Cat is standing the chair might still come down on her lower back or legs, but it probably won’t do too much damage, she would just be sore the next day.

In step 2 Black Cat does an ankle pick, but she is picking the ankle that was farthest away from her in the previous image. I can allow that the attacker is in forward motion since she was coming at Black Cat with a chair, so this could make sense. You can ankle pick either foot and it is best to do it while the person is in motion. When a person’s foot is set it is really hard to pick up. In actual fact you don’t really pick the foot straight up but swing it in an arc up to your waist.

Grabbing someone’s foot does not guarantee they will fall over. In fact, most people will start hopping, if they are good at fighting, they may very well use this foothold you have provided to jump kick you in the head. In Judo you either have to sweep the other foot (essentially taking both their feet off the ground) or grab them and pull them over their tipping point of balance. This can be to the side or back, just not the way over the foot that is still on the ground.

If your opponent has released the chair they might try and grab or punch you, so you would have to be careful of that. Sweeping the other foot quickly would negate that effort.

One thing I noticed, though, is that she has actually grabbed the ankle. This is really hard. In Judo you often grab the material of the pants so you can make a pretty tight fist, grabbing an ankle means your hand is probably going to be open (you generally can’t wrap your fingers all the way around someones ankle) so your grip won’t be as strong. I usually scoop the ankle, but that is after a small foot sweep into my hand and then I go for the other leg.

Black Cat’s finishing move doesn’t make any sense at all to me. Standing on your opponents leg will immobilize it a bit and maybe cause them some pain, but it wouldn’t be the kind of control you could maintain over time. Doing some kind of knee lock with your arms is pretty stupid. I think I’ve said before, you don’t want to fight someone’s legs with your arms. So forget pretty much all of this.

The librarian lady cracking her head is pretty accurate, which is probably why they stuck that weak warning up at the beginning. I wonder how many kids actually did this and cracked their skulls.

So you’ve managed to avoid the chair and knocked your opponent down, what should you do? Again, it depends. If you want to keep control of them, the most fundamental lesson I learned in Judo is control the head and people can’t do much. There are dozens of hold-downs in Judo, or you could stand on their throat or something similarly creative. If you want to kill them it would be ironic to start beating them with the chair. Since they're down on the ground they wouldn’t really be able to block much, even if they did, you’d be hurting their arms and legs. Or you could leave, maybe after you apologize for pissing off the librarian so much.

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