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Pepsi Special

This is the new Healthy Pepsi that was released yesterday.

Why is it healthy, well, it has a chemical that is supposed to stop your body absorbing fat. The problem with that sentence is that it was a similar claim made by Frito Lay with the addition of Olestra, which led to them having to put "May cause anal leakage" on their bags.

So if your body isn't absorbing the fat, it has to go somewhere, and out your butt makes a lot of sense. Olestra was an oil that your body couldn't process, where Dextrin is essentially a form of fiber, so expect to be pooping a lot if you drink enough.

The dancing person symbol on the bottle, that is Japanese government approval for a health related product. Something I don't think is too hard to get since it's sitting there on a cola product.

I have no intention of drinking more than this one bottle unless it is surprisingly amazing. I haven't tasted it yet since I got it late night last night and wasn't going to drink a caffeine rich product and stay up all night just for your entertainment.
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Peter:Actually had a chance to try the drink with Alia, who, as usual, likes anything in front of her.
Initially it's pretty sweet and not bad, but then all the chemical tastes flood in and it's just another crap diet drink. So if you pounded it as hard as you could it might not be bad, but it made me burp a lot more than regular Pepsi so maybe that's how they are keeping your mid-section fit.

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