Sleep Water

This is a new Japanese product by the Coca Cola Corporation called sleep water.

It supposedly has a chemical in it that will help you sleep better. That being Theanine. According to science it does amplify the sleepiness of other things.

I just drank a whole bottle and I bet it’s going to make me have to pee before it helps me fall asleep. Another factor to consider is I basically just drank for 2 days, so I am betting I was going to be pretty sleepy tonight anyway.

Anyway, I just drank some, and honestly, it tastes like most sports drinks, so it isn’t that bad even if it doesn’t work, which, with my awesome constitution I bet it has little or no efffffffffffffffffffffiiiiiij

Unzen Lemonade

Unzen lemonade

It tastes like every other cider in Japan, which isn’t too bad, but it sure isn’t lemonade. The lady on the bottle looks none too pleased at my assessment, but there you go.

It does have this funky imperialist bottle cap:

Come the post apocalypse I bet these would be the high end coins. Also, this is a man’s view of his penis when he has his “personal time”, if it had a funky imperial logo stamped on the top of it, which all the good ones do.

Cola Matcha

This is Matcha Cola, or Cola Matcha to be more precise.

Once you get past the initial surprise of it being way too sweet it starts to taste good. Not as carbonated as regular cola it would actually be better if they took the syrupy taste down a notch. I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy it again, but if it was there I would drink it.

Another Japanese PSA

I obviously spend as much time around trains as any Japanese person who rides the train to work every day, but it was only in the last month I ran across so many public safety announcements. Maybe I hadn’t noticed them before?

I enjoyed this one primarily because the top image is something I have actually seen once, but the fact that they included it in this means it’s happened enough to warrant attention.

The lower part is a common warning in etiquette conscious Japan, but it was a) the physics involved with her massive unnecessary turn to the left and b) the newly formed sun in the picture that really got my attention.