VelociPodcast 48 Egg

The host for this site got hacked. Everything went away and then came back. Then I got super frustrated when I couldn’t access my site. Turns out it was my connection, somehow, and not the internet. I could see this site on my phone when I was disconnected from my home wifi.

That’s something for me to figure out.

Here’s me saying that in your ears. VelociPodcast update

I wasn’t really happy with this podcast, but after spending so much time working on the backend, #noinnuendo, I needed to just start making them again. Hopefully they will improve in quality. But I do give the definitive answer to a stupid question.

VelociPodcast 48: Egg

Khukri Rum

Went to a Nepalese restaurant and they had posters for a rum I had never seen before. Went online to see if it was possible to get a bottle and found they had one that came in a bottle shaped like a knife. Color me sold.

The Khukri is an actual knife so this makes sense in the naming convention.

But when I opened it, god damn, I didn’t know what to do with it.


As this is clearly for display and not something you should be playing with when you are drunk, I also bought a back up refill bottle.


The rum itself is good. It’s strong and has a good kick. Maybe Nepal needs a second look as far as alcohol producers go.

Clearly this is how my window should look from now on.

Japansch Zaky

While doing my weekly alcohol shopping I came across this bottle. I think the aged time is so mysterious it’s tempting.

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I mean most drinks are all “ooooh, 12 years, brewed by a master with a 100 years experience” whereas this is “You know, I forget when we put it in there, but it’s been a long time, because I forgot about it, but that’s good right?”

If you have trouble reading some of the choicest bits are

“Nurtered with time and love”

“Better than delicious”

And my favorite “Made from Barley and aged for a long time”