The Unfinished Swan

Great game. I found it immediately engaging and then started drinking and then lost track of my day much like this sentence.

Started trying to show it to friends while playing and this was the result.

The reason I call myself a genius is because I put my phone on a stand so I could play and record at the same time. That’s what drunk people consider a genius…


Ok, Japanese chips are just straight up weird. They don’t have regular doritos, which is my preferred chip. So if I want those I have to go to an imports store and buy the “global flavor” which is why every English program in my company is having it’s name changed to “global”.
But I don’t give up. I am hoping to find a chip at a local store that is satisfying. These are Dontacos. I think they are implying that they go beyond taco flavor to the diamond level. They are also premium.

Down in the corner it says salsa and beef. They just tasted like overpowdered, stale doritos.

I think what I didn’t like was they put a picture on the back of something I would much rather be eating than these mediocre chips.