Supplemental Aging

I was trying to find some amino supplements in the drug store for my super active lifestyle. I noticed pretty quickly if you walk down the aisle it goes sports supplements, like protein, vitamins etc, then things for pain and joints, and then the weirder Asian herbal remedies for inactive junk.

They don’t really do boner pills much here, because they still believe that ginseng and seal liver is the solution. I wandered too far to one side and realized I was staring blankly at the morning wood enhancements.

Of course I took a closer look for science.

This name got me with it’s awesomeness.

Not just a sniper, but a sniper and a magnum. Or maybe he’s sniping you with his magnum. I don’t know.

On the back I noticed the fiery fist implying that you’d be fisting someone…with fire? I got uncomfortable, so at that point I put it back down.

Still perusing I noticed the lady who looked very pleased that she was about to be mauled by a very angry gorilla with GLOWING RED EYES.

And the box had not only a banana on it, but a banana that slowly became sparkly…

Clearly Japan still has a very different advertising aesthetic than us.