VelociPodcast 59: Crimes

I talk about a couple of crimes in Japan with the disturbing theme of people claiming they didn’t know they were committing crimes as their defense. VelociPodcast 59: Crime And the foot licking article I reference in the podcast.

VelociPodcast 54: Shibuya Poop Party

Find out about what has become the biggest mystery as to why there is not more coverage. VelociPodcast 54 Here is the twitter post that brought this to light. うんこ漏らしたやつ誰だよ — ID短いさん (@0sy) April 30, 2017

VelociPodcast 51

I broke 50, which is pretty cool because I didn’t even think I’d get past 10. Here is me talking about acquired tastes and why I’m a better person than you. Seriously, that’s in there even if I deny it.