Animal Husbandry in Bloodborne

I loved Bloodborne, but I kept wondering if the exact same thing would happen every time, in the exact same spot.

It did. They moved the pig every time to make sure it hit the same spot. I am wondering if it’s on purpose or a joke I’m not getting.
Or if someone is just really into butt stuff.

Tough Gummy

I bought these because a lot of snacks in Japan use the word tough, sort of implying that tough people should eat them? I’m not really sure. Usually what this means is that it is caffeinated. I didn’t think about that when I bought these so I have been avoiding eating them since I just went through the effort of kicking my caffeine addiction. I am not saying I won’T have caffeine in my life, I just didn’t want withdrawal headaches if I didn’t get some one day.

I guess that means I am not tough enough to eat these…

Energy cola and energy drink are not two really appealing flavors for a snack for me, this was a mistake all round.
Oh, they tasted like crap gummy.

Calbee Chips

These are the literal standard in Japanese chips. I still don’t really get what consome flavor is supposed to be. Soup broth? It’s slightly more bland than salt.

What stands out on this is the internet themed package. That is, literally, all.

Mixed Doritos

Want two flavors of chips to put in one bowl but don’t want to go through all the work of opening two bags. You’re lazy, and here is the snack for you.

Avocado and spicy doritos in one bag. Why? Fuck you, those are the perfect combination, that’s why.

Here’s what the back of the bag has to say about that:

“Ultra spicy Tacos flavor and
Mellow mild
Avocado mix flavor doritos.

Spicy hot!
Delicious good!
Eat 2 flavors at one time

Doritos is the spark that ignites you for the bold.

It’s just that simple.

Cheetos EX

These Cheetos claimed to have 300% more powder. That’s a lot of powder and we know that the powder is where Cheetos gets it’s addictive reputation, so this would be like mainlining the stuff.

And god damn, it was. The first few tasted fine, they did have more powder. The stuff then seems to start building up in your mouth. This was a tiny bag and I couldn’t finish it. I even felt a little ill by the end. I assume this is what it would feel like to have Chester ejaculate in your mouth. I mean the shame…the shame.

Playing Uncharted with Kai

Girls came over to our house this morning, so my 8 year old son and I escaped to my room and played with the most powerful gaming system in the world – our imaginations – and a PS4 with the first Uncharted on it. Today we could ignore the one hour a day game time rule to avoid the shrill screams of little girls having fun.

Here is the summation of my live tweeting the play session:

he had never seen this, he just knew.