Old Outdoor Torizo

People all over the world tend to discount old people. That can’t happen in Japan anymore as they are the country’s biggest demographic. Old people are everywhere and they are getting into everything. Everything even includes crime.

Tokyo Police have arrested Torizo Hirose for pickpocketing. That isn’t so unusual except Hirose is 83 years old. His modus operandi seems to be going to large crowded events, like a fireworks festival where is was arrested, and getting his ancient hands on whatever he could.

Although, he does have a rock solid defense stating “I was only using my hands to clear the large amount of people out of my way.” And if objects on their person fell into my hands I assumed they were giving them to me so I kept them as a point of pride and felt joy that someone had shared their life with me.

All I can really say is that it isn’t looking good for Hirose since he is so well known to the police they have given him a nickname, “Outdoor Torizo”

Is it odd that somehow the nickname makes him seem more sympathetic?

Luckily he was caught by a spry 72 year old because as we all know, the only thing that can stop a bad old man, is a good old man.

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