How not to be a drug offender in Japan

Cops must hear the same excuses for pretty much every crime there is.

I didn’t mean to hurt him / her.

I thought it was my car.

I didn’t intend to…whatever.

The king of all of these has to be “I didn’t know it was drugs.”

You think with the police hearing these kind of excuses on a regular basis they would have a sense of how hollow they come across. This makes it especially interesting when, despite these experiences they fall into the exact same trap when they get caught.

Enter the officer who worked in the evidence department of a Fukuoka police station, Akiyoshi Sato. He lost a small bag on the train. This being Japan, no one stole the item, it was promptly, and properly, turned into the station staff. The staff, no experts in drug identification, thought that the substance in the bag looked an awful lot like marijuana, a still very illegal drug in Japan.

They did what upright and proper citizens do, they called the Police. Sato, having realized he lost his bag, called the station to see if it had been turned in. With luck, it had, and he was happily on his way to retrieve said bag, with the Police waiting there for him.

Promptly being arrested his excuse was that he did not know they were drugs in the bag. The bag he had carried with him, lost and come to collect, which he had brought from work, where there were a lot of drugs in evidence.

Drug dealers in Japan might not be as savvy as in other countries because there just isn’t that much availability but here is some advice: If you lose your stash on the train, it’s gone man, just let it go. Basically Sato just made it easier for the Police to catch him by coming back to the train station.

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