Nazism, Not Just For Americans

America might think it has the “pro-Nazi” demographic all tied up, but high profile Japanese people haven’t jumped that ship quite yet.

Thinks Nazis had a point.

Nazism being a relatively current trend in the western media people are really digging to find anything they can use to out people as Nazi lovers. Luckily a few years ago pro-nazi types didn’t really feel the need to hide their feelings. Dr. Katsuya Takasu is the founder of Takasu clinic (plastic surgery), which has one of the most annoying jingles in television history, especially since kids sing it all the time, but that isn’t what makes him a Nazi.

It was more the fact that he went on twitter and actually came right out and said how great the Nazi’s were by saying “how great Nazism was”. When called out he said he meant specifically the medical progress made under the Nazi regime. All that really ethical medical progress.

Deciding to double down he said “I think both the Nanjing and Auschwitz are fabrications.” saying our belief that these events occurred is the result of propaganda.

Former Prime Minister and current finance minister didn’t want to be left out of the game so he just came right out and said “Hitler, who killed millions of people, was no good even if his motive was right.” Strangely everyone seemed to misinterpret that statement as roundabout praise so a few days later Aso said he would like to retract that statement.

Then I said “I’m not being racist but…”

Thing is, retracting a statement might work if it was only once, but back in 2013 he said Japan should follow the Nazi’s example when amending the constitution. Specifically that Japan should change the current very pro-peace constitution quietly, in one night, without anyone realizing it, like the Nazi’s did.

He wanted to retract that statement as well. Expect Aso to boldly proclaim how much he loved Hitler’s style and murder, then want to walk back that statement a few days later. He just can’t figure out why people hate on Hitler so much.

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