How not to handle ticks

As you grow older in life you don’t get smarter, you really just collect a long list of things you have seen that come under the category “bad ideas”. This way you can avoid doing those things in the future and everyone thinks “gee whiz, that guy is well smart.”

One of the things I have listed in the “bad idea” category is keeping things that could kill me around. My house is free from vials of virus’ and poisonous animals.

See this? This is not in my house.

This could also be extended to lesser threats, but unfortunately some officials in Miyazaki decided that illustrating their point was a far more important than the general safety of everyone around them.
There had been some outbreaks of tick borne diseases in the area so during a press conference they decided the smartest thing they could do would be to bring one of the little buggers along with them to show the press just how dangerous these things are.

They brought one that was dead and one that was alive. When attempting to lift up the one that was alive with a pair of tweezers the wily tick absconded.

Just as hard as it looks.

This left the government officials and the press corp in the unpleasant situation of having to crawl around and look for the tick themselves.

Sadly, this bore no fruit as the tick remained elusive. After the conference was over the room was sprayed with insecticide.

All I know now is that if there is ever a press conference on airborne diseases, radioactive materials, or vampires, I will not be in attendance.

The dead tick remains in custody.

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