VelociPodcast 106: Too much Anime DLC

Loose ends from previous podcasts get wrapped up. That doesn’t mean someone was killed…no one was killed. These were just ideas. You can’t kill an idea.

Anyway, that happens, then the Quora question about anime gets answered and Grumpy Uncle Peter just guessed about something.

VP 106


VP 105: Prayers for Birthdays

We need more information on thougths and prayers, there’s an amazing amount of Canada bashing on Quora that can’t be ignored.

Then GUP rips into his mom…? What a dick move.

Also, a transition into manhood that will never be forgotten.

VP 105


VelociPodcast 103: Oaths, Mobile games and a messy ending

Grumpy Uncle Peter questions the sensibility of the blood oath. One of the more common questions gets put to rest and and some really ault advice follows.

Then he tries out some mobile recommendations, which¬† probably won’t happen again, because that wasn’t very good.

Finally, listen to a man wade into territory he knows is going to be difficult to get out of, then not get out of it.

VelociPodcast 103