Amaki Sally – Normal Person

It shouldn’t be newsworthy, but the fact that someone from the anime world it a normal well adjusted person appears to be news.  This video from a livestream of seiyuu Amaki Sally is blowing up the twitter.

She is pretty charming, though.

Anime AI

There have been warnings about Artificial intelligence. Elon Musk, Stephen Hawking…other smart people… have come out and said we have to be really careful how we move down this path. Mainly they are saying we should be real careful about sticking guns to robots and letting them roam around independently, but what these guys lack is real vision.

Like the ability for an AI to make a cute anime character with but the click of a few buttons. Yes, thankfully some productive Chinese students have seen the real potential of AI and put it to good use, really taken the reigns off and created an AI powered anime girl generator.


The results of my first try.

As you put in the information what is the AI actually doing? A random face generator couldn’t be a very difficult thing to do for a computer programmer to do without AI. It basically happens with NPC characters in video games.

No, it’s collecting your preferences to use against you in the future. Like in the movie Ex Machina where the robot’s body was designed based of the subjects porn searches. Your downfall will be the moe that comes for you, the one you cannot resist. It will be so cute, you die.

Here are the results I made with the above settings, and one completely random one.

One Piece Pirates Arrested

Japan is often quite generous when it comes to laws, leaning more towards warnings than all the paperwork that comes with actually arresting people. Pirating and torrenting off the internet is often handled with a letter letting the delinquent that they have been spotting and should cease their offending ways before the situation escalates.

That changes when you bring the world’s most popular manga into play. So far 5 arrests have been made in the case of pages of One Piece being posted to the internet before the comic was released to the public.

A joint task force was created between Kumamoto and Akita police departments to nab Ryoji Hottai, Yo Uehara and three unnamed others. The pair were getting copies of Shukan Shonen Jump from shops that would sell them before the official release date then uploading scans to the internet.

One may wonder why such efforts would be made for what would only amount to internet fame, but the ad revenue from Hottai’s website generated 350 million yen since 2014. To put that into perspective, the average Japanese salary is somewhere between 3 to 4 million yen a year.

These Pirates don’t cotton to Pirating.