VelociPodcast 84: The Smurfs

It’s the origin of my understanding of gender politics, which really just demonstrates how far behind I am.

VelociPodcast 84


I was sick for a week and then had a business trip, so lost one podcast in there. For everyone who wrote in, thanks for caring. For those who made demands, you need to pay me money before you feel like you deserve a product.

Power Rangers Rebuttal Episode

People try and bring the noise, but I bring them right back to reality.

The following, awesome, images go along with this extra velocipodcast.

I mention the functional aspect of the Millennium Falcon early on. It makes the ship 100x cooler.

The rest of these images are what happens when I need a white board to explain my concepts.

But seriously, this shit doesn’t work.

The rotation issue:


The transfer through body issue: