Anime AI

There have been warnings about Artificial intelligence. Elon Musk, Stephen Hawking…other smart people… have come out and said we have to be really careful how we move down this path. Mainly they are saying we should be real careful about sticking guns to robots and letting them roam around independently, but what these guys lack is real vision.

Like the ability for an AI to make a cute anime character with but the click of a few buttons. Yes, thankfully some productive Chinese students have seen the real potential of AI and put it to good use, really taken the reigns off and created an AI powered anime girl generator.


The results of my first try.

As you put in the information what is the AI actually doing? A random face generator couldn’t be a very difficult thing to do for a computer programmer to do without AI. It basically happens with NPC characters in video games.

No, it’s collecting your preferences to use against you in the future. Like in the movie Ex Machina where the robot’s body was designed based of the subjects porn searches. Your downfall will be the moe that comes for you, the one you cannot resist. It will be so cute, you die.

Here are the results I made with the above settings, and one completely random one.

How not to be taken seriously

Here’s a problem that pretty much every porn star must have. They start making money as a porn star, but at some point realize they can’t keep up this lifestyle forever. Then they drop out and try to get a different job and hope their background stays anonymous, or they try and go legit.

The second option is probably the way harder one because once you are viewed as someone from the sex industry you can assume that is how people are going to see you going forward.

It takes a lot of very serious work, but that goal has to stay at the forefront all the time. Why am I telling you this?

Japan’s oldest “love doll” maker wants people to appreciate the artistry of their creations and not just view them as sex dolls anymore. All I can say is, from this promotional video from a recent event they aren’t doing a very good job.

You want me to look at your dolls as artistic creations you might want to re-think your presentation. Stop the video at the 40 second mark and you won’t just see that they have taken the top off one of the dolls, but put them in a cliché bunny outfit that screams “artistic”. Also, in the background, mounted on the wall like a trophy, is a butt. A butt that seems to send a message that isn’t so much “art” as “bangin opportunity”.

There is no problem with people promoting sex, just like there is no problem with people promoting art, but if you want to be taken seriously then how you present yourself is going to dictate how people see you.

Are you stinky? There’s an app for that

Japan is a hot and humid place in the summer. It also suffers from the inability to understand how indoor heating and cooling works. Also, people get stuffed onto trains. These things combined mean people stink.

Smell Harassment, or sume-hara, derived smell and harassment, like power harassment (pawa-hara) and sexual harassment (seku-hara), is now a thing that is popping up in the news every summer. Last year it was 40 SoftBank employees being pulled aside and forced to go to what I can only assume, was the stinkiest seminar ever.

More seriously, complaints filed have doubled from last year, so thanks media, for making that a new thing I actually have to care about.

There are two problems here, one: most people don’t even know they stink and two: What’s the point of harassing someone if you don’t even know you’re doing it.

Enter technology, specifically Kunkun body. A small device that you hold up to various body parts that is connected to your smartphone that measures your stench.

Now you can slip out of the office and into any private setting to check if you are getting strange looks for your smell or your off colored racist humor, helping you decide which one to try and hide better in the future.