VelociPodcast 138: Who owns what

Once again Grumpy Uncle Peter lays it out for some weak minded parents who don’t seem to realize that the rules they set for their kids are the rules they basically have to abide by as well. Then there is a crazy lady who tried to sic reddit on the world to find her son’s heart now in someone else’s body.

Also, he tries to convince movie producers to take Thor’s clothes off.

VelociPodcast 137: Dick Detecting

The hard Quora Questions get answered, about hair and vaping. Those are two different questions.

Grumpy Uncle Peter explains that if you are an incel nice guy and things aren’t going your way, it’s probably 100% your own fault. 

Then there is more lego talk. Which doesn’t seem like it matched up with the episode title, but it totally does.

VelociPodcast 135: Gundzilla or God-dum

Was today the day you looking the best in your whole life? Statistically, probably  not, but when was that day? Peter 100% missed his.

When Gundam and Godzilla clash who will win out? The franchise with more money, probably.

The final word on what the best fictional universe to live in is given the Grumpy Uncle Peter seal of never needing to be spoken of again.