Poison Frog Solution

With all the tension in Japan, North Korea firing missiles overhead, tensions with China, there is need for something to unite Japan with its Asian brethren. What better way than to breed poisonous frogs?

While Japan may have a human breeding problem what it doesn’t seem to lack are the skills to breed poisonous frogs. Maruyama Zoo in Sapporo has successfully bred green and black poison dart frogs, yellow banded poison dart frogs and the golden poison dart frog. They’re breeding those things like Pokemon.

In Taipei you could color them impressed as with the techniques created by the Maruyama Zoo Taipei zoo was able to successfully breed blue poison dart frogs. They should be growing from tadpoles to full fledged frogs any day now.
Because of shrinking rainforests a lot of these poison dart frogs are endangered, so the breeding program is great. If it just so happens that they could be mechanized and used against North Korea in possible conflict, is that bad?

Since we’re doing sex + music

This is the release ad on instagram for Anri Okita’s next single. Taking into account I didn’t know she had a first single and she is mostly known as a porn star, I’m not surprised by how impressed I am.

V O T I N G has started in my Twitter account till 8/3 now!! (@ AnriOkita_real) Happily,Either GORILLA(DJ BAKU ver) or Gorilla(DJ Yuutam ver), including Weibo results, the most v_oted will get the chance of making the MUSIC VIDEO!! Please tell me your favor!! 投票が私のTwitter(@ AnriOkita_real) にて開始されました!!期限は8/3です! 10月4日に発売となるニューシングル "GORILLA"。 嬉しい事にGORILLA(DJ BAKU ver) か Gorilla(DJ ゆうたむver)のいずれかが私のウェイボー(冲田杏梨_real)の投票結果と合わせて多かった方のミュージックビデオを作成する事になりました。 お好みを教えてください! two minute trial listening for the two pieces are available here in the SoundCloud👇 サウンドクラウドにて両曲2分間の試聴がお試しいただけます👇 h ttps://soundcloud.com/user-542820634/sets/gorilla #anriokita #GORILLA #newsingle #october4 #cantchoose #voting #till #august3 #musicvideo #MV #ニューシングル #ゴリラ #投票 #念願のMV #嬉しすぎ #悩む #私も #決められない #だから皆さんよろしく @djbakuofficial #djbaku @namikiyuu #djゆうたむ

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Which is not very.

How to learn Japanese

Here is a video that is blowing up on Japanese Twitter. It’s about sex.

If you are studying Japanese there is some essential vocabulary you will need.

yaritai – I want to do

kimochi – feels good

boku – me / I

daisuki – love

itsumo – always

mainichi – everyday

chinko – slang for penis

manko – slang for vagina

iretai – I want to put it in

hana chi ga deru – blood is coming from my nose

yapari – as I thought

There is some more in there, but with this you will have the foundation for the whole song and can probably figure the rest out.

Feel free to record your karaoke versions and send them in.