VelociPodcast 118 Harley Shock

How to buy a Harley, or not to. 

Is batman a wuss? What’s it like to return to your home country and feel like an alien? Probably how everyone who listens to this podcast feels every day.



Also, the t-shirt arrived, it looks better than I expected.

VelociPodcast 113: Wampa Doraemon

There is a big problem with the Wampa, and it is probably bigger than the fact you don’t know what a Wampa is. It’s the Wampa’s understanding of liquid properties in freezing temperatures.

Also, what would happen if the US bought Canada?

Finally, the dark past of Doraemon gets figured out and we realize that he isn’t there to serve Nobita at all. No, that kids cartoon is messed up.

VP 113

VP 110: Oliver the Monkey

If you were going to make a bet, what would be something worth betting? That’ gets answered.

Also, why isn’t Jason Statham James Bond, other than the fact that he isn’t.

Finally, the conclusion is made that if you actually have to look up bestiality laws, you have bigger problems than the results of the search.

VP 110