VelociPodcast 162: breakup with a Mermaid

Would you rather break up with a mermaid or get dumped by a…I think I mixed that up. If the mental image of doing a mermaid doggy style would bother you, and the fact you just read that means the image is already sort of in your head, then skip this podcast. Or, you could just skip that section. It’s the section where Grumpy Uncle Peter talks about doing a mermaid.

VelociPodcast 156: Level 1

What is a black belt other than a guy who spent 7 dollars on a black belt? The Quora parenting questions don’t slow down because terrible parents spend their time on Quora.

Would you rather…? It’s going to be a 4 part series, or more.

What is a level 1 human being, the definitive answer.