VelociPodcast 127: Syphilis Suits

A set of links that could change your view of the world, or at least, how to handle diseases once healthcare goes away.

Two of the most cliche quora questions and Grumpy Uncle Peter goes out and finally gets some clothes that don’t just hang on his weird yet manly manly frame.


VelociPodcast 125: Spooky Edition

Which is the smartest monster? Is the answer truly us?

Should you let your kids be terrified of monsters in the closet, like Santa?

How strong should a ghost be and can we all agree to just follow the rules from now on? It makes all this stuff so much better.


VelociPodcast 121: Rambling

Where do the best ringtones come from?

Doesd anyone want to visit the Halls factory in Thailand with Grumpy Uncle Peter?

Who is tougher?

Then the epic ramble that could be refined into something funny if someone actually cared.


VelociPodcast 120: My time on the internet

What is Spongebob and how has Ash not caught him yet?

When you do an interview and you think you’ve done everything right how is it you didn’t get the job. If they cut the interview short, the first mistake was thinking you did everything right.

I wrote for the internet for a long time, it has shown me many things. mostly, that people don’t read much anymore.