VelociPodcast 131: Turbo Suits

Did Grumpy Uncle Peter break Tumblr? Considering he only ever used it for the first time a few weeks ago…

The Nuka Rum saga continues with loads of buyers remorse.

A story is challeneged and the truth is revealed.

Then a long complaint about Turbo Teen that got so deep it ended up killing even the idea of a plot.

Power Rangers Rebuttal Episode

People try and bring the noise, but I bring them right back to reality.

The following, awesome, images go along with this extra velocipodcast.

I mention the functional aspect of the Millennium Falcon early on. It makes the ship 100x cooler.

The rest of these images are what happens when I need a white board to explain my concepts.

But seriously, this shit doesn’t work.

The rotation issue:


The transfer through body issue: