VP 194 The New Normal

Not every conversation has to end in porn, but yet they all do.

Sparking Joy with this podcast, if you don’t want to hear the multitude of thoughts Grumpy Uncle Peter has about porn you may not want to listen to this.

Also, Tae Kwon Do. That and, of course, corona virus.

How the new normal could be. 

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VP 191 Choose your own Smurfette

This veers into some rape oriented jokes so if you are not down with that as a concept you really want to skip over this one. 

A follow up on Star Trek that gets into some dark places using a transporter.  Smurfette and ending Bike Messenger challenges.

Why Microsoft doesn’t have to worry about losing copyright on Bing and fixing a lot of movies. 

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VP 186 My new ASMR

The future of sex dolls, what could psychics do with their powers, more life in Japan stories and a final word on sports talk in the office. 

Yes, the full range of topics is mind blowing, like the sex dolls.

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