VP 199: All the thoughts

A little clean up episode of random thoughts from the notebook.

Not the movie the notebook, which I absolutely adore. No, my own notebook, which isn’t as good as THE Notebook, it’s more of A notebook. 

I am not talking about the Notebook the movie at all in this episode, but maybe that was just my miss this time.

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VP 195 Doing Better than Cardi B

Grumpy Uncle Peter is doing better than Carli B, as is pretty much everyone who has a sense of what the real world is like. 

How to try and remain productive in a lockdown and the benefits of people not staring.

Also, why Grumpy Uncle Peter talked about porn so much the last episode and his concerns about living in Japan long term. 

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VP 194 The New Normal

Not every conversation has to end in porn, but yet they all do.

Sparking Joy with this podcast, if you don’t want to hear the multitude of thoughts Grumpy Uncle Peter has about porn you may not want to listen to this.

Also, Tae Kwon Do. That and, of course, corona virus.

How the new normal could be. 

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