VP 191 Choose your own Smurfette

This veers into some rape oriented jokes so if you are not down with that as a concept you really want to skip over this one. 

A follow up on Star Trek that gets into some dark places using a transporter.  Smurfette and ending Bike Messenger challenges.

Why Microsoft doesn’t have to worry about losing copyright on Bing and fixing a lot of movies. 

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VP 186 My new ASMR

The future of sex dolls, what could psychics do with their powers, more life in Japan stories and a final word on sports talk in the office. 

Yes, the full range of topics is mind blowing, like the sex dolls.

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VP 184 Transferable skills

How can you tell if someone is a good lover? See if they listen to this podcast. you sexy, sexy beast.

Some pretty sad life experiences in this one, also, a lot of alcohol talk…

Maybe those go together. 

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Also, the video mentioned in the podcast.