Sexy video not coming down

A while ago Miyagi Prefecture posted a video to promote tourism in the area. That’s very normal, boring, government business. Then some lady politicians decided to say that the video was using Dan Mitsu as a sex object and maybe it wasn’t best way to promote wholesome tourism.

The governor of Miyagi said “Fuck that, I like my sexy video” or, more specifically “[The video] aims to maximize the appeal of the voluptuous Mitsu Dan, who shows Miyagi is cool even during the summer”.

The assembly women said that the sexist video wouldn’t encourage people to visit the area, but it has racked up more than 2.3 million views on youtube. Logically speaking Miyagi is now preparing for 2.3 million visitors this summer as the views clearly had nothing to do with the sexiness, or controversy involved that hit the media.

The governor stated that the video would be removed at a later date if more people complained about it. That later date probably being when the actual popularity of the video dies down so the governor can claim to be an altruistic servant of the people and yet still reap the benefits of sexy ladies in his videos for his prefecture.

The guy who lays things out. Vol 1

There is one job that fascinates me more than any other. Mainly because I doubt any person understands how this job comes about.

Some young people dream of becoming police officers, I commend them, but I could see the frustration in them finding themselves in a career that lacks a certain amount of artistry. For the artistic soul cries out for expression even when you are tied to your blue uniform of justice.

Then along comes an opportunity, one that I have followed for a long time with a strange sort of envy, because it is the job that I might consider a dream job.

It is the guy who lays things out.

With every police story in japan there comes one of two things, a picture of the accused, or a picture of the contraband all laid out. This is a common thing, the Police showing their spoils as it demonstrates they have really returned some order to a chaotic society.

For these photographic opportunities one must employ few weapons. Mainly a blue tarp and the deep love of organization. Yes, things that are laid out perfectly are more beautiful as the human eye seeks symmetry.

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Let me share with you some examples of the art of laying out contraband from Japan.

Here is the most obvious score, the piles of drugs. While in other countries they stack the drugs so that they seem to aim towards the heavens, in Japan the guy who lays things out makes even rows. He calculates the perfect amount for each rows and lays them tenderly , as they are now his ward.

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Do you steal shoes from high schools? Your booty is not disregarded as a lower form of theft. These shoes are treated with the same respect as the highest level drug bust.

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When we discuss someone who has impersonated an officer it is often difficult to imagine the effect. The guy who lays things out re-creates the whole experience and demonstrates the thoroughness of the criminal act.

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Dozens of thefts from pharmacies? What was stolen from each shop is presented with the care of someone who knows they must shave a thousand times before they really get to the core of any issue.

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Perhaps the mother load for any guy who lays things out, the criminal who has stolen items from high school girls. Laid out with the care one would have for the tenderest lover at the tenderest age.

Sorry, that got real gross just now.

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Finally, the piece du resistance, the full scene recreation. The crime in question was streaming uncensored girls on webcams, and just the items (the computers in the background) is not enough as your meager imagination could not build up a sense of the reality from just that. No, this guy who lays things out has taken that extra step and created the initial scene where the woman in question is still pretending to be shy about taking off her clothes. Oh, and here the anticipation will last forever.

Thank you, guy who lays things out. I strike forth into the future knowing that this is only the first entry into a thousand more weird crimes you will illustrate in orderly lines.

Xbox vs Japan

The Xbox experiment in Japan is a demonstration of a company never really learning how to engage its market. The failure of the platform here is usually explained as the marketplace being hostile to foreign products. Japan has the homegrown PlayStation and would never accept another console. Certainly not an American one.

This explanation comes from people representing the company and it is their job to explain away failure as not being the fault of the company they work for. The harsh reality is there is rather strong empirical evidence to demonstrate otherwise.

Maybe the only person who showed up for the XboxOne launch, the lady paid to be there. AFP PHOTO / Toru YAMANAKA

The Xbox consoles are made by Microsoft. Windows is also produced by Microsoft. If Japan were hostile to American products, particularly American ones, then Windows would not be the defacto standard in every office in the country. If Japan were really that hostile to foreign products and technology then some homegrown variant of an operating system would have risen up in its stead.

To further support Japan’s openness – the iphone. In 2016 it held 72% of the market share for  smartphones. The homegrown Sony Xperia has only about 20%, showing that not only can Japan, as a market, be broken into, it can be dominated with the correct branding and message.

No one ever staples xboxs to their head in Japan

The argument could be made that gamers are a different breed with stronger brand loyalties, but look at the introduction of the Xbox360. There was ample advertising and great interest. The first Xbox sold poorly in Japan, managing just over half a million units between 2002 to 2005.

Despite this weak install base the 360 managed to sell 1.5 million units over a similar time period. This is despite the poor reputation the 360 garnered when it was released. The high failure rate (the red ring of death) at launch was jumped on by the media as a scandal that demonstrated the comparable weakness build quality of American products.

Still, the 360 managed to gain ground. They had poor sales in comparison to the much more expensive PS3 (60,000 yen), the Xbox 360 was almost half the price if you bought the basic system, but it wasn’t enough to get over that initial gaffe. The marketing strategy was to make the 360 look fashionable where consumers wanted a better price (which the 360 had) and higher gaming specifications.

To make the Xbox One successful in Japan efforts needed to be doubled and the focus needed to be on video games. Xbox 360 sales spiked when JRPG Blue Dragon was released as an exclusive title.

Everyone who showed up for the XboxOne release…that guy.

A better system, a larger selection of games aimed at the local market (more RPG’s, less shooters) and a campaign directed at people who played games, not people who wanted a home entertainment system and Microsoft would have a real foot in the door.

At this point, Microsoft clearly gave up. There were a few television commercials that showed the machine, again, in a stylish and cool way, without making a clear appeal to players or demonstrating any advantages over the PlayStation.

There were few exclusive titles to pull people away from the PS4 and there were some ads on the Xbox 360 dashboard stating the release date of the new console. If the company wasn’t going to put effort into the market on release, then clearly the market was going to respond appropriately and buy the system marketed to them.

A secondary failure in this is the fact that on release the Xbox One was bundled with the Kinect. A camera that was touted as being “always on” that could respond to voice and gesture controls. Japan is a very privacy conscious culture and the idea of the camera watching people in their homes at all times was a massive turn off. This fact alone could have guaranteed failure in Japan, even if everything else was perfect. That is how serious privacy is to Japanese people.

Mircosoft then reduced shelf space in stores to save money. In Japan, the amount of shelf space a product gets isn’t always based on popularity and demand, it’s often paid for by the company. The reduction in space sent a message to consumers that the Xbox brand was on it’s way out, thus furthering the impression that it was not the console to choose since there would be less support in the future.

How did this not sell people?

Xbox One sold 23,562 units on the first day. To date they have sold a little over 76,500 units. The did 30% of their sales on the first day and as everyone knows, the initial sales are generally the peak.

Now comes Microsoft’s latest effort, Project Scorpio, later revealed to be the XboxOneX, obviously named by a 12 year old clan member. Last February Phil Spencer (head of Xbox Division) came to Japan in an attempt to garner interest for the platform and get some Japanese games on the console. Something Xbox One suffered from greatly as it just went further to demonstrate that Japan was no longer a market of interest.

If Microsoft wants any hope of making an impact on Japan it needs those Japanese games. With two main consoles in competition, the one that has more games will always come out on top. Of course, Spencer’s comments on the trip have been positive, but with all the failures in the past to make up for his task in Japan must be focused and well designed to bear out any kind of success. This may be Xbox’s last chance to see Japan as a viable market at all.

How to: Survive the Summer Festival

You’re in Japan, it’s summer, everything is awesome and you want to go to a summer festival because everyone else seems super excited about it. You should absolutely get out there and do it. Summer festivals in Japan are an integral part of the culture and it’s just part of the full experience.

You want to make sure you have the best time possible so let me help you out with some basic pointers.

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First: Japan is hot. You might come from a hot place too, in which case this might not be as much of an issue, but most people don’t. Some of you might come from hot places, but they aren’t as humid. This is the thing that surprises most visitors in the summer. Japan is crazy hot and disgustingly humid.

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This politician is drinking water from a Fukushima puddle to prove it’s safe. The thing is, drinking from puddles isn’t safe.

The best way to battle that is to drink water. You need to have some with you before you get started and keep drinking through the whole day. Most festivals culminate in a fireworks display, which happens in the evening, but the festival usually starts in the morning. You need to be prepared to be outside, in the hot sun, in humidity, in a crowd for hours and not die. Water is your best friend for this.

You can bring water with you, but they will be selling it at the venue. While water isn’t going to be cheap, they aren’t going to do the same kind of price gouging you would see at a popular music festival.

Second: Go with a friend at least, or with a group of friends. There is a lot of walking involved in most festivals as they set up artificial streets with stalls and the routes usually lead to local temples or parks with kids playing games. There is a pretty even split between the stalls with games where you can win prizes and food stalls where you can buy questionable food. The games, like in every festival all over the world, are a bit sketchy. You tend to always walk away with some prize, but these things are aimed at kids so you’d probably just be doing it to walk away with a souvenir for the day.

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Festival games, teaching children about death and disappointment since time immemorial

Going with a group of friends gives you kind of a buffer to the crowds and even means you can split up to find the cool things to do. Eventually you will want to carve out a spot to sit and eat, and if it is late enough, watch the fireworks. Going with a group means you can sustain yourself off each others energy throughout the day.

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Men’s Yukata, for some reason, makes it hard to balance.

Third: clothes. You need to dress for a long hot day. That includes sunscreen if you are the paler end of the spectrum (like myself). Nothing is more miserable than having sunburned arms mid way through a day because you weren’t thinking ahead. Japanese people, in general, tan, so they won’t be thinking about this for you.

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Traditionally people wear a summer yukata. Girls are wearing bright summer colors while men’s tend to be more subdued navy blues and dark colors, but they are light and very comfortable. They don’t tend to come with proper pockets, they have those in sleeve pouches, which if you are not used to them makes it feel like you’ve lost your wallet all the time. I bring a small pouch that I can keep my hands on, mainly because I don’t trust myself.

Be wary of the wooden sandals. They are part of the traditional get up, but if you are not use to them the rope that holds the wood to your feet is going to rub and cause blistering. The wood is also going to be tough on your feet. I recommend a sports sandal, which might get commented on, but will be way more comfortable throughout the day and I see a lot of Japanese people wearing them.

You may have noticed I keep hitting the theme of thinking about the whole day. This brings us to:

Fourth: drinking. I mentioned water, but this is a festival, so there will be alcohol. I have also mentioned that you will be there all day. These are two elements that should be included in the calculation as to how much and how often you imbibe. There is no need for a frat party keg stand at the beginning of the day, think more of a slow burn that you want to fuel through the upcoming energy crisis. Be conservative. The worst thing you can do is end up with a hangover before the festival is even over.

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This is a real image from the Tokyo Oktoberfest. Barely a Japanese person in it, that’s how much foreigners come out for booze.

As an addendum, drinking water fixes most of that.

Fifth: I waited on this one until after alcohol because the previous point can negatively impact you feeling about this one. Crowds. There will be some. These are Japanese crowds, some of the crowdiest people in the world. Think shoulder to shoulder for most of the day. The bigger the city, the worse that situation gets. Since festivals generally happen in designated areas it means that as many people who want to attend the festival will be crowded into a finite amount of space.

You cannot get annoyed, upset or angry about crowds because you are there making the situation worse by existing in the same space. You are one with the crowd. You are the crowd. This was something that took me a long time to come to terms with. I hate being pushed, whereas in Japan, pushing past people to get around is much more common and socially acceptable. You might be thinking you are fine with it, but the addition of alcohol into a crowd situation can have catastrophic effects. Knowing it’s going to be this way means you’ll be mentally prepared for it when the people get tight.

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Sixth: Now we’re getting to the end of the day, the sun goes down and the fireworks start. Everyone is basically going to stop and watch. If you can find a place to sit before this you should. Japanese fireworks displays are on the long side. Some festivals stretch them out to 2 hours. In Japanese society this is a very romantic time, so if you are with an attractive person, this is when you take their hand and they smile shyly, or you lean in close to them.

No big public displays of affection, Japan is generally more on the subtle side of these things.

The finale: You’d think that the fireworks is the end of the festival, and it technically is, but there is one more event that if you don’t take into account can ruin the whole experience. Now you have to get home.

If you drove a car, that was probably a mistake as everyone is leaving at exactly the same time, when the fireworks end. This means traffic jams. In big cities this also means 99% of the people attending are about to attempt to take the same train home.

You thought it was crowded before, wait till you see station attendants trying to push all those people from outside into the sausage links that are the train. And if you thought it was hot and gross before, welcome to the same thing being stewed in a metal case.

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This is why I recommend actually leaving a bit before the rush. Not a huge amount of time, but if you can’t walk back to where you live, you probably don’t want to experience one of the worst things about being in Japan. The last train rush.

Of course, it’s up to you. I think for a lot of people this is part of the package. I always wanted to bail about 30 minutes early so we could ride the train like humans instead of cattle. You can also avoid the risk of someone who didn’t take point #4 properly into account. The guy who is dehydrated and drank too much that is now on a swaying train. That is a prime candidate for public vomiting and the less packed the train is, the easier it is to escape.

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Armed with this information hopefully you can make some good decisions for yourself and have a great summer festival. They truly can be some of the highlights of a stay in Japan. Unlike that guy, who is trapped in his own nightmare.



Since we’re doing sex + music

This is the release ad on instagram for Anri Okita’s next single. Taking into account I didn’t know she had a first single and she is mostly known as a porn star, I’m not surprised by how impressed I am.

V O T I N G has started in my Twitter account till 8/3 now!! (@ AnriOkita_real) Happily,Either GORILLA(DJ BAKU ver) or Gorilla(DJ Yuutam ver), including Weibo results, the most v_oted will get the chance of making the MUSIC VIDEO!! Please tell me your favor!! 投票が私のTwitter(@ AnriOkita_real) にて開始されました!!期限は8/3です! 10月4日に発売となるニューシングル "GORILLA"。 嬉しい事にGORILLA(DJ BAKU ver) か Gorilla(DJ ゆうたむver)のいずれかが私のウェイボー(冲田杏梨_real)の投票結果と合わせて多かった方のミュージックビデオを作成する事になりました。 お好みを教えてください! two minute trial listening for the two pieces are available here in the SoundCloud👇 サウンドクラウドにて両曲2分間の試聴がお試しいただけます👇 h ttps:// #anriokita #GORILLA #newsingle #october4 #cantchoose #voting #till #august3 #musicvideo #MV #ニューシングル #ゴリラ #投票 #念願のMV #嬉しすぎ #悩む #私も #決められない #だから皆さんよろしく @djbakuofficial #djbaku @namikiyuu #djゆうたむ

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Which is not very.

How to learn Japanese

Here is a video that is blowing up on Japanese Twitter. It’s about sex.

If you are studying Japanese there is some essential vocabulary you will need.

yaritai – I want to do

kimochi – feels good

boku – me / I

daisuki – love

itsumo – always

mainichi – everyday

chinko – slang for penis

manko – slang for vagina

iretai – I want to put it in

hana chi ga deru – blood is coming from my nose

yapari – as I thought

There is some more in there, but with this you will have the foundation for the whole song and can probably figure the rest out.

Feel free to record your karaoke versions and send them in.


Blood: The Last Vampire (Live action Vs Anime)

Blood: the Last Vampire (anime, 2000) was originally a short animation by Production I.G. (most famous for the anime Ghost in the Shell) that was attempting to mix traditional animation techniques with CGI. If you go into this movie without knowing that you’ll find the plot severely lacking. Once you know this you have to throw your mind back to when this anime was made and realize that a lot of what you are seeing on screen had never been seen before. Then this little movie is pretty amazing.

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It’s like watching the Matrix now. You’ve seen a bunch of movies using the same techniques so the original movie that did it seems less impressive. You have to somehow have to force yourself to forget seeing the same techniques in recent movies and imagine seeing things for the first time. It’s mind blowing.

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In the anime Saya, the main character, shows up, does her job, and leaves. Really, there isn’t much more to it. They don’t explain how she got into her current predicament. They don’t explain much about the organization she works for. They don’t indicate if she would rather be doing something else, but she is all round grumpy. This is just a day at the office, but the office is a sword plus monsters face.

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There was enough there and a solid fan base so a live action adaptation was made in 2009. I went into that with a lot of trepidation because they needed to fill in another 40 minutes to make a full movie.

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There were a couple of ways they could do this. The safest would be to just add more demons for her to fight. It probably would get boring, but it was technically the safest option. They could kill the same amount of demons as in the animation, but make the fights last longer. This is risky but has a certain appeal. Then you get into the more Hollywood feeling options. Add in a love interest, fill in her backstory, examine her motivations or have her take on the very organization she works for.

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They went with filling  in her backstory, which is a sensible course of action, but you know that every fan had their own theory that they consider better than whatever actually got made.

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At least the creators were conservative with what they did. Everyone she knows basically gets killed and she becomes a vampire. I know that sounds like a spoiler, but I think anyone who sat down for 2 minutes to come up with something could have written that, so I don’t feel too bad.

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In the animation Saya very grudgingly protects the school nurse. At one point she says “You’re lucky I’m not allowed to hurt you.” Which is part of the appeal. It is really clear that there is something holding her back from murdering anyone who even slightly annoys her.  In the live action movie the nurse is replaced with a schoolgirl who becomes a kind of confidant. At least they didn’t shoehorn in a love story as it doesn’t match the character at all.

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Blood: The Last Vampire isn’t significantly better budgeted than other gore movies I have reviews, but it certainly surpasses its limitations. I’m not saying it deserves any awards, but the animation is worth watching when you understand what it is and the live action movie is worth watching because, a) it’s not a bad movie, and b)  it’s interesting to see what they did with the material.

You probably don’t want to watch them both in the same night, but you definitely want to watch them close enough together to be able to compare the two.


Comp Food Supplement

Food is a very popular thing. People have begun to refer to themselves as “foodies” which I find really weird. It implies that food is somehow more important to them, or they care about it more than everyone else.

I am certainly not one of those. I love good food as much as anyone else, but I find that a lot of the time I can’t eat properly and I end up eating crap just to satiate my hunger. In these times I have found I am one of those people who eats for utility more than pleasure, not because I don’t think you should eat for pleasure, but because I don’t have that much free time.

A few years ago I found out about Soylent. It was a product I became very interested in. I had no desire to supplement all my food with this, but I did think it might be a healthy alternative to eating a bunch of sugar filled crap throughout the day for convenience.

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Unfortunately Japan has very strict import laws and a thing like Soylent wasn’t making it though any time soon, so I basically gave up on the idea of trying it. Enter Comp, the Japanese version of that thing you can’t get in Japan, which is a pretty sweet deal.

Comp is made for the same reason and the same basic demographic as Soylent in that it is targeted at busy people who do not have time to prepare proper meals for themselves, or see that as wasted time. The explanation I had heard was that Soylent was designed for computer programmers who didn’t want to leave their desk, which is not a lifestyle I am pursuing. Comp make a softer sell on the same premise. Here is a chart from their website explaining how saving time works:

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I had no desire to supplement every meal, I just wanted a healthy alternative to keep me going, so I bought the sample pack of 3, which should be 3 meals.

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The first test is, of course, how palatable it is. I knew it wasn’t going to have a strong flavor as these are designed to be like bread. You can eat bread every day and not really get tired of it, more than that, you can flavor bread and it tastes better. Comp even recommends using coffee or something so you can customize the flavor.

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The first test had to be honest, so I did it with just water. There was no real smell at all. I don’t think I had put in enough water so it was really thick. I drank about half of it and it tasted like liquid tofu. Not that bad depending on what you think of tofu.

I put in some more water to thin it out and then threw back the rest. It was really heavy and I thought I was going to vomit for a moment. Then I realized what I had just done which was swallow a whole meal in two gulps. If you are unaware of the implications, this is not a great idea.

After another shot of water I started to feel fine again so I knew I had to add more liquid for test #2 and drink it slower. Two hours after the initial drink I still wasn’t hungry which was pretty much the result I was looking for.

I did the test at home because I knew there was a lot of fiber in the drink and because I had no idea if that change in fiber would have a significant impact on me. It didn’t, but I had heard about people having issues with diarrhea after switching to a food supplement like comp. realistically I don’t think the problem is the food supplement but the dramatic nature of the change.

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If you go from eating 100% processed junk food to 100% recommended serving of fiber per meal there is no other conclusion than this will be a bit of a shock to your system.

Me swapping out one meal per day actually just meant I was a little more regular, which is nice.

After that I took it to work and instead of using water I used chocolate milk and some water to thin it out. Amazing choice. It tastes good, it’s satisfying and I am not hungry for most of the day. Mainly I’m not eating a lot of crap on these days which was the goal and I was happy enough that I bought the 24 bags that come in two boxes.

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I might even start swapping it out for my lunch on a regular basis as overall it is cheaper. If you are looking for something similar and live in Japan

Super Scandal Fun Time

If you haven’t yet, read Part 1 first.

First off, the aforementioned idol who was sued for 10 million yen. Her name was never released and it was mentioned that her six member unit had to break up as a result. Even though I don’t know who the anonymous idol is, I know that she would never be picked up by another agency after the lawsuit, so her career is over.

Minami Minegishi pre shaved head

Maybe the most famous example in recent years is Minami Minegishi, former AKB48 member. In 2013 she was caught by a tabloid magazine leaving her boyfriends house. The reason this one is so memorable is that she decided to try and make amends in a very traditional Japanese way, she shaved her head.

It’s basically impossible to find the actual video she posted on youtube where you can watch someone break down as she is basically going to lose her job because she had a boyfriend, but there are still videos of people reporting on it.

It’s incredibly hard to watch just because she hasn’t actually done anything wrong. Becky was another television celebrity who was banished from the small screen because she was caught dating a married man. Sure, it looked like his relationship was already over, but he wasn’t free yet. She couldn’t be allowed to be seen by Japanese society.

Couple. Her career ended, his, not so much.

The guy, on the other hand, Enon Kawatani who is a relatively famous musician, not a problem. There we start to see the inherent bias in the business come to light. Women are far more drastically punished than men for these public embarrassments.

I was going to try and make fun of them, but they are going to have some crazy good looking kids.

Jin Akanishi tried to make a solo career after leaving KAT-TUN, and surprised everyone by suddenly getting married to Meisa Kuroki. It was a bit of a shotgun wedding as Kuroki was already two months pregnant. That’s bad, but the part the company saw as being more of a betrayal was that they hadn’t given approval for the marriage before the paperwork was submitted. He worked for a company called Johnny’s which handles all the biggest boy bands in Japan, so they did what any reasonable company would do. They froze his work schedule leaving him without an income and a newly pregnant wife.

Unsurprisingly, when his contract was up with Johnny’s, he decided not to renew.


SMAP, the biggest and longest running boy band in Japan went through a series of contract issues as most of the members wanted to leave Johnny’s after their long time manager departed. This resulted in the band breaking up, most of their television shows coming to an end, public apologies and lies about how everything was OK and the thing most people don’t realize, hundreds of people losing their jobs.

For the massive stars you know that if they have their finances even slightly in order they will be all right. The younger up and comers often have to pay back “training fees” to the agency which basically makes them indentured servants. All those dance lessons, singing lessons and anything else the company puts into you comes out of future paychecks. This means you have to become a massive star to even start to break even. It put them in the terrible position of owing money to the company if they fail or worse, get caught up in a scandal.

Rino Sashihara is an interesting exception. She was involved in a similar secret boyfriend scandal and transferred from the main AKB48 group to the sub HKT48 group. This led to a very public panic attack as she started hyperventilating on stage.

Her move was essentially a demotion. Yet she persevered and with some talent started managing and producing for her group. She has managed to turn her career back on an upward path and recently took the lead position at the AKB48 election for the third time in a row.

The worst part of all this, is the fans strange sense of entitlement and ownership over the idols. To the point where it’s straight up dangerous. The very public events put the idols right in front of people. Handshaking events are a standard practice with idols all over Asia. You buy a CD, it comes with a ticket, you come to the event, you get to shake the member’s hands and say something before you are pushed along.

The definition of creepy is the full grown adult males who clearly have lost sight of reality. The faces in the following image attest to how wrong things are.

This was a handshaking event for AKB48 and apparently the fans involved were making salacious statements as they did the handshaking. If that’s not enough, in 2014 a member was attacked at an event with a saw.

Most recently (June 27) at a handshaking event in Chiba for Keyakizaka46 a man set off a flare in the line. He was later arrested and in his bag was a knife. He admitted he wanted to stab and kill one of the girls.

Perhaps the most terrifying thing I saw when looking up scandals was the following video from Korea, where the idols suffer from every problem listed above as well, as a fan walks onto the stage and tries to just walk off with one of the singers.

This is mid-performance. The confusion I feel is how did he think this was going to work out and where the hell was security?

Lots of people want to get famous and become idols and singers, but at the moment the agencies are making unrealistic oppressive contracts that fail to take into account what it means to be a living human being with a life and then not putting any real effort into actually protecting the lives of the people they are making their money from.

In the most basic way these idols need basic protections, but the problem is it seems like they need protection from both the companies they work for and the fans who come out to see them.